PBY Catalina International Association
1990 Volume 2, Number 2 (p.10)

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(1) The "Black-Cat" Caps and Stitch-Patches finally arrived! Those members who had already paid for them, will be receiving them shortly. Submit your request to either Jim THOMPSON or Jim MORRISON. ($6.50 for caps and $2.00 for patches.)
(2) Bill KELLY, our member "philatelist" advise that the following countries have postal stamps "featuring or honoring" the PBY Catalinas: MARSHALL ISLANDS, PALAU, BAHAMAS, BRITISH ANARCTIC, CAYMAN ISLANDS, COCOS-KEELING ISLAND (Australia), PAPAU (New Guinea), NEWFOUNDLAND and just released in 1990 is NORWAY (Date of Issue 9 April 1990!) This stamp is captioned "Fight for Freedom". Contact your local coin/stamp outlet or "Marlin Stamps & Coins Ltd., 156B Middle Neck Road, Great Neck, NY, 11021 (PH: 516/482-8404)... For those that would like for U.S. Postal Service to feature a PBY on the First Class or Air Mail Stamp address your request to: United States Postal Service, Philatelic and Retail Services Department, 475 L'Enfant Plaza, S.W. Washington D.C. 20260-6700. (If you do not have a picture of a PBY that has been used by others, they may be obtained from Don MAGNUM, Jim THOMPSON or Jim MORRISON (Addresses on Membership Roster.)
(3) PBY Catalina International Association's "Commemorative Replica PBY Pin/Tie-Tacs" are available for $15.00 PPd from Jim MORRISION.
(4) Regulation size U.S.Navy/Marine Corps "COMBAT AIRCREW WINGS" supply is exhausted. There are still some of the civilian attire miniature size "CAC Wings" available for $5.50 PPd from Jim MORRISON.
(5) PBY 1/72 scale models are exhausted and will not be reordered at inflated prices from present provider. s/Jim M.
(6) For those desiring a challenging SEVEN foot flying model with or with/out power & control package, contact Bill PRICE for details and current prices.
(7) SOME BOOKS TOO ARE COLLECTABLES: On page -10- of Vol.2, No.1 Newsletter, dated February 19990; "SOLE SURVIVOR" by George GAY, the sole survivor as an ENSIGN Naval Aviator of Torpedo Squadron EIGHT during the "Battle of Midway", cited that for PBY / Catalina Community, he would avail a personally autographed book and include the requester's name to whom it is intended. At the time the PPd price was $16.50, however in a phoncon with George, just a few days ago, he advised the Editor of this newsletter, that he regrets to advise us that the production costs went up disappointedly by $5.50 per copy. So the adjusted sale price is now $22.00. To obtain your personalized copy send Ck. or M.O. directly to George Gay, 588 Charlton Court, N.W., Marietta, GA 30064, U.S.A. (NOTE: Due to the nature of this book and the personfication of the author, this book will not devalue over the years!)
MORE on "MEN of MIDWAY"; The editor has just received a letter from the author, Bill VICKREY, citing that he has received so much more information from PBY associates about the Midway Campaign of vital concern, he has essentially held up publication until he completes this PBY element. This, I am confident, will be a must for historical purpose and for everyday human relations concerns. You will be advised through this Newsletter when circulation is available. (NOTE: In the meantime, anyone with first hand or other qualified information concerning the "Midway Campaign", you may write to B.K. VICKREY [address omitted for privacy].
Thomas G. DORAN has written to this editor, citing that he was at JOHNSON ISLAND with his PBY at the time Oahu was struck by the "TOJO" forces on 7 December 1941 and would like to hear from any of the PBY crewmen that were either there or at Midway Islands or French Frigate Shoals during that same period.

Re: "The William"Bill"GOODWIN" incident as it was related in VOL.2.,NO.1, Feb.90 newsletter. A letter has been received from that Bill Goodwin's uncle, Ronald Butterfield of Plymouth, Massachusetts. Mr.BUTTERFIELD provides us with the following: Bill Goodwin's parents had received the "Missing In Action" telegram soon after Bill disappeared, but it was a year later that a following notice informed his parents that he was presumed dead. After the war was over, information came in as to some of the details, that Bill's son, Michael GOODWIN is illuminating in his book on this passage of Mike's decades of research. Ronald also relates that he saw Mike for the first time and since, the resemblance to his father is unmistakable. Ronald also stated that the U.S. Navy offered Mike, Naval Academy entrance. But it is "Bill II" who is at the Academy now!