PBY Catalina International Association
1990 Volume 2, Number 2 (p.07)

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Here are a few items of, perhaps interesting or entertaining, "murmurs" that within our vernacular we referred to as "prop-wash"!:
(1) This falls in the category of; "What Goes Around, Comes Around"! One of our newer members, Tom GARRETT, who had served with PBYs during WW-II and has been an attending member of "Catalina Society" (Our English sister organization.) for quite a while. So as he was reading in his latest issue of the "Catalina News", Issue #12, he noticed our announcement for our Commemorative Event in Hawaii in December 1991 that our International Coordinator, Marty MARTIN of Auckland, New Zealand had placed for PBY Community purposes. So "Tom" communicates from his New Jersey, U.S.A. home to "Marty" for details. This information is then communicated back to our Secretary, Jim THOMPSON in New Orleans and to the Newsletter Editor Jim MORRISON in New Hampshire and then back again to Tom Garrett, who we welcome into realm, but not in exchange for his membership in England!
(2) There is of course no way of knowing how many of our members may have seen that peculiar (as one of a kind) FOUR engined PBY-5A type of aircraft at the "Executive Airport" at Titusville, Florida or perhaps on its infrequent flights. Anyway member, G.R. "Brake" HARMAN in his curiosity about this machine, discovered quite a few things that he has related for dissemination. It is for sale by the owner, Charles BRANNON [address omitted for privacy]. Price is reportedly quite favorable! It has the designation of Consolidated Acft/Corp. model "28" AM series built for civil use, therefore it is not entitled to "PBY-5A" identification. It had been converted to its 4 engine configuration by having the inboards as the R-1830-94 (not the PBY-5A mounted -92s) and the outboard engines being Lycoming G50-480 B2D6 gas-turbine (prop-jet) that are rated at 340 HP with reversible propellers. There seems to be some suggestion that once airbourne at desirable altitude, the inboards can be "cut & feathered", thus providing better fuel economy and longer range (3000 mi.?) NOTE: Recent phoncon cites asking price; $225,000 with only 4000 airframe hours.
(3) Perhaps some of you PBS television viewers saw a program lately titled "Entertaining The Troops", especially one scene where "Bob HOPE & Frances Langford" with some others were sitting at a table discussing the "Catalina" (PBY) experiences they had! We don't want to exclude anyone with PBY type aircraft experiences from our membership. So if there is a reader who is in communication with these folks, please feel free to invite them. Please direct any positive response to "PBY Catalina International Association", 1510 Kabel Drive, New Orleans, LA 70131.
(4) This item is somewhat belated but interesting never the less! A PBY-5A was put on the "Auction Block" as a seizure involving property that was possessed by a California narcotics dealer in 1987. Reportedly the PBY-5A (Ex U.S.Navy Bureau Number 48294) was not guilty of hauling narcotics! You folks from VP-92, check your log-books to see if you flew it. It was indicated in the records that it had flown patrols "South East United States" during WW-II then assigned to training stations including Seattle, Washington and retired from service in 1953 and released for civil use in 1961. It went up for auction in accordance with the 1984 Comprehensive Crime Control Act that authorizes the Justice Department (this instance the Marshalls Service) to dispose of assets from certain criminals. Thanks to another new member, G. William "Bill" GIBSON who served with U.S.Navy's Fleet Air Wing TEN in the Western Pacific in WW-II; for this historical information.
(5) Here is a question for you! Who was the one to fly the last military service PBY/OA-10/CANSO/PBN etc. coded "Catalina" and when/where (from-to) etc.? This is significant history from each of our member services by country! Please submit to our association's "Historian", I. James MORRISON, P.O.Box #2, Gilmanton, New Hamphsire 03237-0002, U.S.A.
(6) Custom Antique Aeroplanes; anyone? This announcement was submitted by member, Joe HIGBEE in behalf of Audrey KUFHAL, "Silver Eagles Association". For anyone interested in the restoration of their favorited PBY or whatever, contact: Al JENKINS or Joe MATHIAS, 1376 Baker Road, Virginia Beach, Virginia, 23455 U.S.A.
(7) "LOST" ONE Naval Aviation Pilot (NAP) by the name of D.W.BOUNDS: Was stationed in Manila at the outbreak of WW-II (Had been there since 1939!) An old "shipmate"; Gerald Leo GRANTHAM [address omitted for privacy] has been trying to get in touch with him since WW-II!! (Mr. GRANTHAM's Phone No. is: [omitted for privacy]).