PBY Catalina International Association
1990 Volume 2, Number 2 (p.02)

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Within an attempt to balance the travel distances as much as practical for each succeeding "Meet", the members either make a determination at the preceeding "meet" for a specific or general area for a member or members within the intended are to coordinate and make arrangements within their creativity and of course the economics involved for the membership. For the Anaheim, California "Meet", Joe DESALVO performed an excellent exercise in his management skills, to make all of the accomodation and event arrangements while Joe DINNEEN took the initiative to have the "Meet" noted in all the applicable publications he could locate. The results were nothing short of successful with the nicest blessings coming from the ladies, so aptly stated that they can hardly wait for the next "Meet" in New Orleans. Our secretary came into the arranging scene again with his contact for airline accomodating rates, by having specific discount identification numbers assigned to our members. Some of the "Hi-Lites" for this "Meet", included the proximity Joe DeSalvo picked for our lodging to be just a brief walk to Disneyland; the popular option to visit the largest aircraft in the world, Howard Hughes "Spruce Goose", a Flying Boat of course; and the ease for transportation to visit just about anything in that part of Southern California with even some crossing the border to experience Tijuana, Mexico. Oh! and for those interested in numbers, our membership count by that time was 391 with an accurate head count at the "Banquet" being 160 and an indeterminate number who had conflicting important plans on banquet night to be with family etc., so the total number for some part of the "Meet" was also indeterminate. The "hospitality room" on one occasion had a surprize delivery in the form of several bottles of champagne as a gift in the absence of member, Dick KLINGE whose situation beyond his control had precluded him from attending the "Meet". There were also many others who had sent funds to assist in the "Hospitality Room" expenses, although they were unable to attend. (The editor takes this opportunity to emotionally state: "The Catalina Community has/is/will-be always very special pleasant people!)

In a telephone conversation, your editor had with Jim THOMPSON, the co-host with the MADUELS (Lou & Audrey) in reference to the development for the New Orleans "Meet" (13-16 Sept. 1990), all arrangements are falling into order very smoothly. Jim "T" will require as much confirmation as possible from the "Catalina Community" of their intentions at least to attend the New Orleans "Meet". A detailed form will be sent via an attachment to this or the next "Newsletter" citing the particulars for last time planning purposes, perhaps even the "Banquet Menu" etc. There are some pleasant surprises in the making for this "Meet" as well?? Oh! by the way, if there are any reader/s of this newsletter that would like to offer something as a "Door-Prize" at "Banquet Night", J. THOMPSONs, 1510 KABEL DRIVE, NEW ORLEANS, 70131 or the L. MADUELLs [address omitted for privacy]. (Please note the term "Catalina Community" underlined above, this is to be interpreted to include any of the independant Catalina organizations members or for that matter independants who had associations with "CANSOs", "GUBAs", "OA-10As", "PBN Nomads", "PB2Bs", "PBYs", "Model 28-5s" or whatever "moniker" these flying-boats or amphibian airplanes may have been identified as from that combined production of 3,272 total consisted of!).. While on the subject of something special for the New Orleans "Meet", It is time to present a "Sit-Rep" on that SEVEN Foot Flying Model PBY-5A that had been hoped for as a "raffle-item" for the Anaheim event. To date there has been $351.00 taken in for chances/donations for the purchase of this Model in its complete kit form at $540.00 special purchase price from the manufacturer. For those interested in donating for the opportunity of winning this spectacular item of nostalgia the system of conveyance will now work thusly: Submit a $1.00 for one more chance or $5.00 in Ck. or M.O. for SIX chances to win this model to: "Jim" MORRISON, P.O.Box #2, Gilmanton, NH, 03237-0002. The ticket/s will be prepared respectively in good-faith and integrity. (Note: The purchase account is held jointly in "Jim" & "Mae" MORRISON and "Jim" THOMPSONs names for security purposes.) Prior to the 13-16th Sept. 1990, the kit is to be purchased for the "drawing" on "Banquet Night", but one does not have to be there to win! Should anything beyond control take place that the model does not become available, a membership referendum decision shall be made as to the utilization of total funds accumulated during the New Orleans Business Session. (Please Note: The participation of this project is restricted to "members only"!)