PBY Catalina International Association
1989 Volume 1, Number 2 (p.03)

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FLYING PBY-5A MODEL: At the date (26 Sep 89) of entering this Situation Report on the SEVEN-foot wing span model "Raffle", the total sums received toward purchasing the complete kit is $296.00. The maker has advised that he can provide the entire kit with radio control and other required support items for about $550.00. Any sums above the required purchase price received would go for the non-profit use of our PBY Association as determined during the business segment of our next meeting in New Orleans. Tickets were sent out with the last "Newsletter", starting out in alphabetical order, however the quantity of tickets were not sufficient to be sent to all. Additional tickets have been made from the original master copy, therefore this distribution will commence from the end of the alphabet and if it happens to overlap into the last distribution, the receiver may act as he chooses. Likewise, if someone wants more tickets, they may order them from JIM MORRISON. By the way, if someone wants to purchase a model outright, they may contact BILL PRICE who is listed on the new roster. For each model sold, BILL will submit a stated amount to the association's operating fund.

COLLECTIBLES AVAILABLE: Commemorative "Queens Metal" PBY Replica Pin is $15.00 postpaid from JIM MORRISON; 1/72 Scale Model PBY-5A kit is $17.50 postpaid from JIM MORRISON (NOTE: his provider has advised him that a PBY-5 model is now available and also that this provider specializes in historic models and that JIM may mix or match minimum order requirements, therefore advise JIM of your special order desires of other favorite aircraft. Prices and scales vary.); JIM MORRISON still has some Official and Miniature sized "Combat Aircrew Wings" left at $7.50 for official size with $.75 for each gold star and $5.50 for miniatures postpaid (NOTE: these are first come first served until they are gone.); Visor caps, one size fits all with either the "DUMBO" or "BLACKCAT" insignia attached at $6.00 each; Also "DUMBO" or "BLACKCAT" heat-mounted blazer patches at $2.00 each, available from JIM THOMPSON; See above for the SEVEN foot flying model cited; George Winter has been trying to obtain more of the limited edition of the R.G. Smith "Patrolling PBY-5A" pictures that were prizes at the Anaheim banquet (master hangs in the Smithsonian Institute). The present status is that permission would have to be obtained to have one of the Limited Edition copies recopied. This done, it would run about $6.00/copy for a run of 1200--say $10 for handling and mailing. A project of this nature could not be undertaken without first finding out if there would be a demand for them. So that we may have some guidance on this matter please let George Winter [address omitted for privacy] know if you would be in the market for 1 or 2 prints.

A guided tour has been organized for the "New Orleans Superdome Arena". Other attractions available include: The Aquarium, A Mississippi "Paddle-Wheeler" Riverboat, The "USS CABOT CVL-28", Independence Class Aircraft Carrier (launched 4 Apr 1943, of the Cowpens Class, loaned to Spain after WW-II and now a New Orleans tourist attraction as of 1989.). The HAWAII "MEET" is scheduled for a period to include "THE DAY OF INFAMY" 7 December PLUS FIFTY, 1991. A memorial event is planned at KANEOHE BAY Air Station where the Japanese struck first. At that time it was an exclusive PBY NAVAL AIR STATION; it is now MARINE CORPS AIR STATION KANEOHE BAY. Preparations are underway for reasonable transportation, accommodations, entertainment and options.