PBY Catalina International Association
1989 Volume 1, Number 2 (p.01)

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The PBY Catalina International Association's News Letter Vol.1 No.2

APERCU: Association membership increasing; Camaraderie becoming contagious; PBY story-lines generating for compilation; PBY poem and song queries; Flying SEVEN-foot PBY-5A raffle "SitRep"; Collectibles available; New Orleans and Hawaii "Meet" forecast; A feature account of an Innovative present-day use for PBYs; Taps; Correction; "Prop-wash" and Closing comment.

MEMBERSHIP: The association membership has exceeded 400! Take a count with the new roster mailed with this "Newsletter". (NOTE: Supplements may accompany in between yearly complete rosters, albeit that new members will receive a complete roster with enrollment. NOTE #2: Our Secretary/Treasurer will be requesting annual dues in February 1990 with no foreseeable increases. NOTE #3: Expect new roster in June 1990 to include THREE "3" breakdowns: Alpha-Squadron/Unit-Country/State.)

CAMARADERIE: JIM THOMPSON and JIM MORRISON have both been receiving continuing accounts in both telephone and written forms of superlatives relating to how the ASSOCIATION has brought many old PBY associates together through the "MEETS" and "ROSTERS". GEORGE WINTER's enthusiasm caused him to have some bumper-stickers made, appropriately, with the wording "PBY ASSOCIATION---ASK ME!!!" with PBY silhouettes in tandem. This says it all for both "Camaraderie" and "Membership". (NOTE: One of these bumper stickers will also accompany this newsletter.)

PBY STORIES: An increasing number of members' accounts of experiences, observations, recounts, pictures, albums etc. relating to the PBY in some way is contributing to the compilation JIM MORRISON is trying to put together in behalf of the "PBY Association". He has a willing publisher who has stated that the final compilation is to be published for the association at minimal costs, due to the nature of the historical coverage of the PBYs and in part due to the publisher's own aviation background. It is hoped that many more stories or poetry and pictures involving PBYs will be submitted to: I. James Morrison, P.O.Box #2, GILMANTON, NH 03237-0002, U.S.A. Please try to recall the "DATE-TIME" if appropriate, as the compilation is arranged in chronological order. Also remember that all submittals are credited to the submitting individuals unless otherwise requested. Some stories already submitted include adventures, misadventures, peculiar happenings with and without drama, trauma and humor.
--Try this story for a primer: A PBY set out for a navigational training flight from Pensacola with instructors from the "celestial nav-training towers" of the Ground School Element who had to make their in-flight qualifications. The flight would take them over the Gulf of Mexico to include day and night navigation situations, then landing at Miami to indulge in a little "R&R" before returning to Pensacola. One of the celestial navigation instructors along for qualifications was a WAVE lieutenant. And as nature prevailed, she was not going to expose herself to the standard fixtures in the "Waist Compartment". So in her assertive and confident display of being a Naval Officer, she decided to use the privacy of the "Tunnel Compartment". This included her thought of disrobing from her uniform slacks appropriately to avail herself to opening the "tunnel hatch" at the base of the compartment. In the meantime one of her Ground School associates, a male officer, assumed the chivalrous post just aside