PBY Catalina International Association
1989 Volume 1, Number 1 (p.03)

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The PBY Catalina International Association's News Letter * JULY 1989 * 1st Edition

STATUS OF PBY-5A FLYING MODEL: The "Membership Raffle" got off to a rather disappointing start. It was initially hoped that a complete model as shown in the last "Sit-Rep" from Jim Thompson would be on display in Anaheim. Situations beyond control prevailed and the model was not available. A video was sent by the manufacturer instead, however it did not arrive until the last day of the "meet". There were $171.00 received in raffle donations, not nearly enough for the hoped-for drawing on banquet night. The complete flight package cost to us is about $540.00. The basic model, less engines and propeller as well as the radio control group, is $240.00. It is an attractive model and has exciting and entertaining flight performance characteristics and quite forgivable in its water mode landing. (NOTE: a book of tickets will be included to each member with this newsletter.) For those interested, return the left side "completed" with donation cited on tickets to Jim Morrison (address on roster). Remember this offer is good only to members and the intentions are for the complete flight package.

COLLECTIBLES/MEMORABILIA: Several items of interest and their status is as follows:
(1) PBY Replica Pin (Jewelry Quality) suitable for lapel/tie-tac, etc. available from Jim Morrison ($15.00).
(2) Regulation & Miniature "Combat Air Crew" Wings on order, expect soon. This is a service item only. Will sell only at cost plus mailing. Submit request to Jim Morrison.
(3) PBY-5A 1/72 scale models have been located, waiting for availability date and firm price (est. price about $12.50 plus mailing costs). Submit request to Jim Morrison.
(4) SEVEN-foot wing span PBY-5A "Flying Model" available in Basic Kit (less engines, props and control systems) for $240.00 plus shipping. Complete Kit $540.00 plus shipping. (Prices are specially reduced for members by manufacturer at this time in form of rebate. Submit queries to Jim Morrison.
(5) George Winter has just called to say he may be able to get some more of those prints of the patrolling PBY that he had a drawing for at the banquet. They are very special is all that can be said. For those of you desiring to be put on the availability list, inquire to George.
(6) PBY 'DUMBO' & 'BLACKCAT' embroidered patches suitable for blazers or other attire. Available from Jim Thompson at $2.00 each.
(7) PBY "DUMBO" & "BLACKCAT" visor caps of lasting quality. Available from Jim Thompson for $6.00 each.
(8) A special "PBY Catalina International Association" heraldic crest is under consideration for design. Ideas are welcome at this time.
NOTE: No personal profits are involved with any of these items. Any proceeds in excess of initial costs are for the non-profit use of the association.

COMMENTS & FEEDBACK: It is hoped that any comments that members may have will be sent in for sharing with all members of the association. No one has a license as to what is correct, so feedback any constructive criticism as well. So if you have some info you would like to convey to our members, or if you would like to breathe some words of wisdom down some necks, either Jim Thompson or Jim Morrison will open our collars to accept and convey accordingly.

SOME PBY STORIES: If you have a PBY-related experience, observation, story, photos, maps, anything at all you would like to contribute to a publication from the PBY Catalina International Association, please contact Jim Morrison. All material will be given credit to the contributor unless otherwise desired. Written accounts, etc. may be submitted in legible cursive form, printed, typed or taped. Do not be concerned about spelling, grammar, that sort of thing. This account, however, will be arranged in chronological order, so try to bring some close date/time group to your report of experience(s), etc. All material desired to be returned such as photos etc. please so state. All effort will be made to assure that your submittal(s) are not taken out of context from what you want to relate. Reference material may be used as appropriate to convey certain identification and qualification and even reference material is not a firm criteria for certain events recorded. Your account from what you experienced or observed will be credited accordingly. An anxious aviation-minded publisher has asked to be retained with an economic consideration for this PBY association.