PBY Catalina International Association
1989 Volume 1, Number 2 (p.06)

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NOTE: For those interested in more information concerning "The Catalina African Safari"; address your inquiries: Attention - Michael Shirley-Beavan, 8 Kingsmead Square, Bath, BA1 2AB, Number (196195) England. If it's your pleasure, please mention that you saw the Catalina Story in this newsletter.. Hope to have a follow-up coverage with our next "Newsletter"!

TAPS: A brief letter has been received by "Daddy's Little Girl", Carol Pursley Roberson that one of our charter members, MERLE S. PURSLEY was in effect transferred suddenly to the "Staff-Of-The-Supreme-Commander". As with all transfers, they are difficult to accept but an unexpected "call" has been eventual with all of us and if it is "Gods Will", the final transfer will be to an exceptionally Great Duty Station. We all in "Camaraderie" extend special kind thoughts to Carol for informing us, how much her dad enjoyed his association with the U.S.Navy and the "PBY Catalina International Association".. A quote from Carol; "Thank You For Being There When He Needed You".

CORRECTION: In the last newsletter under "BUSINESS MEETING HI-LITES", item (9) Francis Clifford should have been FRANCIS H. CLIFTON.

"PROP WASH": (PS: Were you ever directed to go get a bucket of Prop-wash? It could come from anywhere, but you only went for it once!) The use of the expression "Prop-wash" also became an aviation vernacular around propeller mounted aircraft to expressions or conversations having a relationship with aviation topics!
(1) An invitation has been received from the PATWING-FOUR AIRDALES welcoming members of the PBY CATALINA INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION to join them for their ALASKA TOUR in May 1990. Interested parties address requests etc. to: Jack "Ole" Haugen.

(2) In addition to the last business meeting when an "Appropriate member name display device" was asked to be investigated, there have also been an "Association membership device" style submitted and a request for a wallet sized membership "ID" card to be issued to each member.. Please take these suggestions/requests under advisement as referendum items during the "MEET" in New Orleans. In the meantime, submittals for design of any of the above is encouraged.

(3) Information has been received from "Marty" MARTIN, that positive action has been initiated by him communicating with various countries offering membership and camaraderie to our international association. "MARTY" is also acting vigorously to achieve desirable membership transportation arrangements for the "Hawaii Meet".

(4) Don MITCHELL phoned to announce in justifiable emotion, that he was being visited by U.S.Navy Nurse, Dorothy Steele; who was responsible for medi-vacing Don out of Manila just before the Japanese arrived in December 1941. Don had been with PATWING-TEN since 1939 and had contracted poliomylitis. Dorothy became a POW by the Japanese for nearly four years before being successfully rescued in 1945. Don and Dorothy had been trying to locate one another since the war and it has only been since Don's membership with our association that contact had been achieved with Dorothy. She travelled about 3000 miles to check on her patient this September 1989.