PBY Catalina International Association
Aviator Log Books

Name Unit Comment
Ferguson, Roger D. VP-45 Generously loaned by Roger Ferguson
Griffith, John W. VP-44 Scanned and contributed by his daughter, Mary Griffith Gilmore (Thank you!)
Hanthorn, George W. VP-44 Scanned and contributed by his son, George Hanthorn (Thank you!)
Katz, Larry C. VP-101 Generously loaned by Larry Katz
Kern, John M. VP-71 Scanned and contributed by John M. Kern (Thank you!)
Leedom, H.E. VP-6F Generously loaned by his son, Hal
Maass, Richard VP-63 Generously loaned by his son, Doug
Ogden, James R. VP-23 Scanned and contributed by his grandson, Brian West
Phillips, John F. VP-53 Generously loaned by Doug Eddy
Spanagel, Robert J. VP-81 Generously loaned by Robert J. Spanagel
Stovall, Joel C. VP-44 Generously loaned by his son, Howard
Thompson, James P. VP-14 Generously loaned by Jim Thompson
Thornton, John C. VP-33 Generously loaned by his son, John
Varner, E(d?).A. FAW-7 PBY Catalina International Association collection
Watkins, David W. VP-91 Generously loaned by the Watkins family
VP-11 Logbooks VP-11 Generously loaned by members of the VP/VPB-11 Association

If you guys are interested in displaying your logbooks on the Internet, please contact me. Not only are your crewmates interested, but (as you know) Action Reports and War Diaries seldom mention anyone other than the pilot. Piecing together who was on a flight or who was in a crew is very difficult.

If you're interested, here's how:
1 Ship the logbook via Fedex. Wrap it well and keep the tracking number!
2 I'll scan the logbook at 600 dots per inch, in true color. It usually takes about a month.
3 Logbook pages will appear as soon as they're scanned.
4 I'll return the logbook via Fedex, overnight. (The sooner it's back in your hands, the better!)
5 I'll send you the non-compressed images on CD-ROM a little later. This step takes a little time.
6 If you request them, I'll include full-color printed copies. This step isn't automatic because the copies sometimes get thrown out with the wrapping!
Photocopies are welcome too!

Eric Mitchell
PBY Catalina International Association webmaster and PBY historian